Keep The Beat With Pete

Everything You Need To Know About My Company

Hi, I am Pete Meluso, an expert drummer with well over 30 years of experience performing and practicing the craft. I started on the Drum Set when I was 10 years old after playing on pots and pans and with pencils on my school desk top.

I have studied privately over the years with three accomplished teachers including Joe Morello with whom I studied and maintained contact with over a 10-year period. Additionally, I have reviewed and listened to as much of the new materials and musical changes over the decades to maintain a fresh eye on the landscape.

My goal is to work with any Drum Set player to systematically build more creativity.

A Place for Drummers

With Keep The Beat With Pete, I want to share with you the skills and knowledge of my area of expertise and provide a place for drummers and other musicians to learn and connect.

Contact me today for online or in-person drum lessons.

Keep The Beat With Pete